Soul Circus and Thrivors – 19/21 reflections “Back to the beginning”

As I draw to the end of my 21 day reflections I can feel the resistance to ending them. So I have gone back to where it all began …. 26 June when Saul Smith Nominated me …

Never in a gazillion years did I think that I would have such an incredible life changing experience.

I recall with such a full heart how we all were so filled with Joy and excitement for what lay ahead. How we slowly asked questions about who and what we were ….

When the singing started I knew in my belly that we would be on a magic ride ….

When last have you reflected on the beginning of a journey that changed your life? Take a moment and offer thanks for the choices your made and synchronicity that got you there.

Saul, I will forever be grateful – thank you ?? ❤️