Soul Circus and Thrivors -18/21 reflections “The Gifts of the Children”

When did you loose your childlike curiosity? When did you stop playing as a child? When were you last intrigued by a new experience?


for 21 days we were a safe space for a number of local children that came to play, with love, with laughs with exploration ……..the Joy and Freedom this created was infectious. from dress up costumes, to drawing, to singing and dancing, to hula hooping, drumming and more… these children played with such joy, freedom and non judgement. This was such a reminder for me…… I was taken back to my vibrant childhood and the belly laughs I would have with my father, my toothless grin in my polkadot bathing suite. Such a a safe, joyous time of my life, filled with in-the-moment child like joy and playfulness. I can feel how this has been rekindled in my heart and the light flickers stronger every day as I practice playfulness ….. To all these in credible children that taught me so much over the 21 days …. I thank you from the bottom my playful heart. an extra special shout out to Erie-Fairy Granger, an incredible human who brings her playful spirit to all she does