Soul Circus and Thrivors -17/21 reflections “The Thrivors – Season One”

When i was nominated to be a Thrivors by my friend Saul Smith I did not pay much attention to it. I was preparing to leave for Greece for 3 months and had lot going on. When Tahlia Rubin followed up with me about my nomination I had settled into my Greece home and was pulled to look bit deeper into the Soul Circus “thang” 

The rest is kinda history and a few weeks later I was on a bus to Swelledam without knowing much about who I would be with or what we would be doing.

As far as what we did and how it unfolded you will have to wait until the Thrivors series is aired (hopefully in February 2020 – it is going to be well worth the wait 

What i can share with you are my fellow Thrivors.
* 7 incredible humans
* different races, cultures, upbringings, education and experience
*key skill sets and super powers that are formidable
*i love each of them dearly for all that they offered and for showing up every day

We co-existed and were filmed in realtime – there were days when we were a cohesive team and there were days when were not. The authenticity grew as the days passed, true emotions, responses came to light, sprurthin and super powers showed.

I learnt something from each of these incredible human beings,the Story of Unconditional Love unfolded in my heart daily as i overcome my restrictions.

I honour my fellow Thrivors for stepping into the unknown with me, for camping for the first time, for having to co-create after being a sole operator, for finding your voice and expressing your truth, for sharing your gratitude and love for life, for dropping into your heart and sharing your hugs, for being vulnerable and courageous simultaneously and for your passion and enthusiasm for living in the moment. I love you all very very much 

Here are some of my favorite pics, the first pic of all of us is the only group one we can find! We had a fit of laughs just before our first official address as Thrivors – its was ROTF laughing! I have posted the video separately – if you need a good laugh watch it.