Soul Circus and Thrivors -16/21 reflections “The Crew”

I have not yet spoken much about the actual real-docu series that was being filmed during the 21 days.

Thrivors is going to be series documenting the journey of the 8 Thrivors and the 21 day experience. This will include the big reveal, how we navigated the elements, our challenges and how we overcome them. I will offer more insight into the 8 Thrivors in the next post – for this one I want to offer a big shout out to the production crew.

Ryan, Pierre, Magic Mike, Martin, Deon, Adriaan, Mica, Liyema and Phil.

This team was incredible, they worked their bottoms off, following us as Thrivors, capturing all the moments from when left Cape Town on the bus all through the 21 days of singing, tears, arguments, making up, celebrations, disappointments and everything in-between.

We were all pulling long days and this team of champions were always respectful of what ever was going down, professional, adaptable and over the 21 days they became part of the Soul Circus family, joining me for nia classes, singing in the kitchen till late at night, giving and receiving hugs and sharing in the tears and laughs.

They even arranged a big screen TV so we could all watch one of the rugby games 

Thanks you, thank you – i am honored to have journeyed with you and I am so looking forward to seeing the final edit.

**most of the pics here do not include the wonderful Phil as he was the editor pulling long night and day shifts and was most often stuck behind the computer.