Soul Circus and Thrivors -13/21 reflections “Ho’Oponopono”

I have practiced this ancient mantra a number of times in the past – including guiding a 21 day process around it. The depth of this practice took on a whole new dimension during Soul Circus…..

I cannot recall exactly which day it was but I do recall how i felt – jaggered, raw, disconnected and concerned about the lack of cohesiveness in our Thrivors team. It was past the half way mark and I think we were heading into the last week – we were stretched to get actions completed and working against the clock with limited resources.

Toto and Nikki invited us practice Ho’oponopono as a means of shifting the energy. We were invited to practice the Ho’oponopono with each other in the Thrivors team (8 of us) with the cameras rolling. It was late at night, we were in the main tent and we stood opposite each other (close) and simultaneously we shared our Ho’oponopono with the person in front of us. I have no idea how long it took,one by one we moved from one Thrivor to the next. I recall seeing into the eyes of those in front of me and dropping into my belly I began…

I am sorry (for …….)
Forgive me
Thank you (for ……..)
I love you

Some were clearer than others, some had deep roots of anger others had deep roots of joy – no matter what the root was – it was one of the most profound experiences of unconditional love I have ever experienced ❤️❣️❤️ given and received.

A game changer.
Practice it – be amazed and humbled.

PS There is a lot of information, meditations, songs and suggestions on line.
Happy to provide more information if you want, just message me.