Soul Circus and Thrivors -12/21 reflections “Let’s Dance”

My nia practice holds the foundation fabric from which i operate. One of the first aspects we learn (and call then our allies) are the Four Agreements. I did my White Belt in 2007 and the practice of:
– Speaking with Integrity
– Not making assumptions
– Not taking things personally
-Always doing my best
Have become part of what i intend daily and moment by moment.

These practices are integral to many of the agreements we made at Soul Circus, which I spoke about previously in these reflections. What touched me the most was how many of my fellow soul circus community stepped into my nia classes with such open authenticity… it truly moved me. My trusting of self and my nia practice took on a new dimension over these 3 weeks – a knowing that this is one of my ‘Super Powers’ to hold a space that is safe, authentic and deeply connected to mind, body, emotion and spirit.

A highlight for me was offering a taste of nia at our Youth Day celebration.

I meant to take pictures of our nia moments and was always so in the moment that i never did – some things are meant to stay with us in our memories. If any of my Soul Circus family have picture please share.

I was planning to step into nia Black Belt training yesterday – the first nia Black Belt training in South Africa – before Soul Circus it was an obvious decision to step in. Post Soul Circus there was a voice deep in my belly that recognized that the timing was not aligned – normally i would have pushed through this voice and my ego would have won and made it happen – now sitting here i am so ever grateful for nia teaching me to listen to my body and trust in my authentic voice.

To all the beautiful soul circus family that joined me in nia and all the other dances we had – in joy, with tears, in confusion, in celebration I urge you to dance every day – in the shower, in the kitchen and especially when you are grocery shopping .

I will be offering a number of nia workshops in the coming months, including in Kaylitsha and up the east coast – keep an eye open – there will always be a space for you.