Soul Circus and Thrivors -14/21 reflections “I see you”

As mentioned in a previous post I had a big breakthrough on about day 5. It was very soon after that when I stepped (unconsciously) into an incredible space of curiosity. It was coupled with holding hands the beginnings of Unconditional Love. I noticed that i had started to substitute ‘judgment’ with ‘curiosity’. So instead of reacting to a situation and a person (which is stepping out) I was choosing to step in and become inquisitive and curious as to why they were saying/behaving in a certain way. This enabled me to be compassionate instead of judgmental. It offered an opportunity for me to be soft and allowing instead of righteous and dogmatic.

This also allowed me an opportunity to truly ‘see’ the other person for who they are, for their story that they carry.

What is most amazing of all is that this of soft curiosity has also replaced self judgment and i am once again becoming inquisitive about myself and curious about how i operate……just magical