Soul Circus and Thrivors -11/21 reflections “The Food”

Let’s talk about food.

All of us that stepped into Soul Circus made a commitment to eat a plant based diet for the 21 days. I was looking forward this being the catalyst to get me to switch over from mainly vegetarian diet to complete plant based diet. I have had the intention to move to 100% plant based for a while but never made the step. My sister, nephew and niece are all vegan and I have been wanting to make the change for some time – In hindsight – the only reason I didn’t make the step was lethargy and habit. ?

Our chef extraordinaire on Soul Circus was Tanith and her beautiful team Erie-Fairy, Tadiwa and Qhawekazi. The food was prepared and cooked on our sacred fire. There was a kitchen tent (as seen in the last update of us singing over supper) which was used as an indoor communal space and birthed the incredible Soul Circus Kitchen Band.

The food was diverse, tasty and filled with love. I loved going into the kitchen space to witness the beautiful alter, with candle burning, the cool tunes being played, the colourful veggies being prepared for a meal, the glass jars of fresh sprouts, the colourful fairy lights and dream catchers.

Food has become so much more that a meal for me now. The sourcing of the most organic fresh food with limited packaging, the creation of space whilst I prepare food with music, candles and love, the range of herbs and spices to tantalise the taste buds and most importantly knowing that the choice I am making is a #winwinwin (see reflection #5 for more on this)

We have a responsibility in this world to be conscious of our actions and the repercussions of them. Take the time to do the research on the dairy industry and the inhumane practices that are used to get to creating the yogurt, milk and cheese you consume.

Make a conscious choice and do not let your habits and lethargy get in the way of you bringing your best to this incredible world we call home.