Soul Circus and Thrivors -10/21 reflections “Home is …..”

Home is where the heart is….

This was my home for 21 days. I was somewhat surprised as how easily this space become my home. I slept like a baby, felt safer than ever and super comfortable. Being a homely Cancerian i did have all my daily ritual ingredients, my sage, incense, burning bowl, tarot cards, tea lights, prayerflags etc. as well as my hot water bottle 

It has been interesting to see how strong the urge is to spring-clean now i am back home and clear out all the clutter in my space. (and recognizing that the space i am in currently is way too much space)

I also came to realize that my daily rituals are in me and as much as i love and and am deeply grateful for the material elements that make up my daily practice, the ones within me are powerful and if the internal ones are not activated and practiced then i really doesn’t matter how much I smudge, pull cards or use crystals 

Have you ever stopped to ponder what makes ‘home’ for you?
What are your daily practices that help keep your flow, ground you and make you feel at home in your body?