Soul Circus and Thrivors – 7/21 reflections “Joy”

I realized on around day 4 that i had become quite a serious human ?. I don’t think this has always been the case – in fact I do like to think that I am a fun, joyous person – but perhaps this side of me had become a bit jaded. ?


I certainly have a fun, silly, joyous time in most of my nia classes – but realized that it had kinda stopped outside of that. So what a gift to be in a space that had a pop-up theater dress space and a community that was spontaneously playful. Pop up dancing, singing and dress up were the order of the day – for not specific reason other that life itself! One of my distinct memories was when the Thrivors were have a meeting in the bell tent and I heard the pumping music and shreaks of joy and laughter coming from outside … the community were calling “Thrivors come…” we diligently continued but after a few minutes the pull was too much and we abandoned our meeting to join the sunset impromptu dance??? What a wonderful reminder to be spontaneous and childlike in our exploration of this beautiful life we have, learn from the children and see the joy burst forth in your spirit when you play …. What will you do today to being playfulness to your world?