Soul Circus and Thrivors – 8/21 reflections “F-Mode”

The Pause. I recall so distinctly in one of our circles when i could feel the energy shifting into agitation that Toto gently took a deep breath and said ‘I sense we need to connect”.
What a sensory juxtaposition for me at that moment in time as my cells were preparing for the ‘flight’ as my option between ‘fight, flight and freeze”. I recall reaching for the hands on either side of me and taking a deep breath in and truly feeling the connection – the safeness, the non-judgement, the possibility of all being ok and the obviousness of no need to run.

Our instincts of flight, fight or freeze are so deeply ingrained in our cells and our phsychi that its often not even a conscious response – more of reflex. We all have a go-to – which one is yours?

Flight – walk away, put the phone done, become overwhelmed with exhaustion – step away ?

Fight – step in and lash out – cutting words, boxing hands up and ready to defend

Freeze – like a deer in headlights – shocked to the core – no idea what to do next?

These are ‘normal’ reflexes that we have as homosapiens that are deeply ingrained to protect us when we are in danger.
The key thing to remember is that we no longer living in the wild jungle – we are living with and amongst human beings.

The next time you in Flight, Fright or Freeze – PAUSE – breath, ground, out-breath, connect to your heart – what do you really feel – let that find the words in your brain and the with love and compassion express your truth.

Thank you Torsten Toto Kremser for your beautiful grounded energy and you ability to create these magical pause moments – love you 

Wishing you a day filled with pauses and conscious awareness of your built in F-mode.