Soul Circus and Thrivors – 5/21 reflections “WinWinWiin”

As I mentioned in the last update, on about day 3 we all headed out to buffeljags dam and cocreated our agreements that we would commit to as a community for the 21 Days.

The first one of the board is an extension of the Soul Circus philosophy #winwinwin

The invitation to check in every moment that your actions are supporting all 3:
– am I wining? Have a check against the HEALLTH from the last M.A.S.S.S post. Take self care.
– are you winning? are my actions and choices supporting and adding value to you?
– is the world wining? Is my choice of action adding value to the world? Sustainability, food, products, services etc.

If there is a ‘no’ in there then you need to make another choice.
Become concious of your choices and align them to the #winwinwin philosophy to really make a difference in the world.

You will see us using this ?? in many of our pics – it fell into place and has stuck with many of us – even our incredible musician @Divine even created a song around it – “it’s a win win win situation ….??

These agreements, were our compass – all be it that at times there were some deviations in behaviour – someone was always close by to refer community back to them.

What are your agreements in your home or your business that you live by? I’d love to hear what these are <3