Soul Circus and Thrivors – 4/21 reflections “M.A.S.S.S.”

Bringing about 40 people together, to camp on a sports field, eating plant based diet, minimalist living, with immense time and resource pressures to cocreate magic could have gone either way.

Many elements added to the success and depth of this experience. For me, one of elements that supported success was the framework of our co-created agreements, and daily practices which were an integral part in creating a rhythm in the camp.

Attached is a pic of our cocreated agreements which would guide our culture as well as the Works of Heart Board that coordinated both daily communal activities like toilet cleaning, kitchen support, through to all the activities that would be happening the next day.

Soul Circus also created this amazing ‘21 day THRIVE experience manual’. Filled with incredible exercises, tips, tools and a daily focus.

One if these tools is M.A.S.S.S which was a daily commitment we made:
MOVEMENT – I love moving physically and taking action on my dreams
APPRECIATION – I focus on what I’m thankful for, especially in challenging times
SPIRIT – I nurture strength of spirit through prayer, meditation, visualization.
SELF CARE – I love me and check I am winning HEALTTH – Hungry, Earthed, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Thirtsy – choosing Happy
SHARE – I choose to share my time, energy and voice. I practice SPRUTH (speaking my truth with love and compassion)

I will share more about “Spruthing” in another post.

What are your daily rituals that support you and your dreams? How do you self care? Do you move every day?

I have continued my practice of MASSS and love the clarity, grounded support it offers – feel free to practice it for 21 days and see what happens.