Your tribe

I was reminded this weekend about the importance of having a ‘tribe’.  A ‘tribe’ for me is like minded individuals that share a common outlook on life, are passionate about similar things and about fulling you with joy, energy and support.

I never really felt that I fitted in at school, it was a little better at college whilst studying – partly because I was party animal and this I what students did back then. I did forge great friendships, of which some more active than others currently.   During my working years I distanced myself from true relationships in order to excel  in my career, which I did very successfully.

It was only when I started my journey with nia in 2007 (thank you Sally)  did I truly start resonate with this term tribe.  My nia tribe, both locally in Cape Town, and internationally offer me the following:

  1. A reminder that I am responsible for my self and my life is about me and my choices
  2. There is no benefit of judging self or others
  3. Be authentic
  4. Connect to Joy
  5. Surrender to the moment
  6. Expansive depth, love and appreciation for this vehicle I am in called a body
  7. When in doubt – dance

Whether it is my community that I have built in my studio space that is see twice a week, fellow teachers I have journeyed with through intensive trainings, trainers who have offered diversity in practice or the international “friends” on facebook that I have never met personally – they are all my tribe.  I can feel myself leaning into this global yet local village when I need to be supported.

Who is in your tribe?

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Choose wisely…………….


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