Magic Moments Getaways

Magic Moments Retreats and Getaways, founded by the dynamic sister duo, Rene and Jillian Lambert, with extensive backgrounds in wellness and holistic health, these soulful sisters have been crafting transformative retreat experiences together since 2011, spanning local and international destinations.
As seasoned space holders, they thoughtfully design each retreat to be a haven for participants to dive deep into the core of their being. Every moment becomes an opportunity to unfold, learn, and heal, fostering growth across mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
Magic Moments Retreats and Getaways is a celebration of holistic well-being, transcending the boundaries of conventional retreats. It’s a combination of ancient wisdom and modern tools, creating a harmonious balance in the journey to wholeness.
Authenticity is at the heart of their mission. Rene and Jillian share openly about their personal journeys and the transformative tools that have shaped their paths. In a world often obscured by pretense, they invite participants to join them in an authentic exploration of self.
Embrace your journey with Magic Moments Retreats and Getaways, where each retreat is a chapter in the journey of self-discovery, inviting you to breathe, connect, and experience the magic within.