A few comments received by some of my clients and friends.

Shannon Te Roller – GM Mundipharma South Africa

The magic of Jillian is her marrying of experience in the corporate setting with her understanding of the fundamentals that drive people. She is able to offer comprehensive 360 feedback, engaging with the entirety of the person from their personal life which can affect work to unpacking their strengths and possible limiting beliefs. She is always clear, honest and measured in her communication and is able to furnish insights that are meaningful. A true professional with a huge dollop of benevolence


Linda Kavalsky – Artist

I have had the privilege of being one of Jill’s Nia students for 8 years.I have been incredibly fortunate to dance with such a passionate, spiritual and encouraging Nia teacher and role model.

Not only have I danced with Jill but attended various workshops such as the Women’s Worth workshops and the magical Greece Getaway. All I can say is that every class and every workshop has added value to my life. Jill thank you for continuing to uplift, empower and inspire myself and so many others.


Herman Marais – Managing Partner EXEO Capital

As a private equity investment firm we rely strongly on Jill to keep both our own and our investee organisations healthy. Jill is one of the most perceptive human capital and organisational development professionals I have come across in my career. She has a unique touch on both the soft and the hard sides of people management and leadership.”


Hymli Krige & Adriana De Roock – Greymatter & Finch

Professionally, Jillian worked with us at Greymatter & Finch. Jill assisted us at a time when the company was going through growth changes and was facing some challenges. She was a pleasure to work with to the point that we tried to persuade her to take on a permanent position – to no avail. GMF employees loved her not because she was their friend, but because she treated them with respect, was fair and was firm – leaving no space for insecurity and doubt in employees minds. As such she created a safe space for them. As senior executives at GMF, Hymli & I would not have been able to cope without Jill’s support.

Her fresh and fun personality was wonderful and added to the culture of our company. She is a lady of worth.


Adriana De Roock

I know Jill on a personal basis through the nia community to which she introduced me. It was a happy shock and a treasure seeing the other side of Jill – the side that is gentle, fluid and attuned to the world around her. She has taught me much about finding your place in the world and deriving peace from that. She is a magical nia teacher and I would not be doing this glorious dance movement without her being the one to introduce me.

Meeting Jill (even if only once) is a prerequisite for a good life!


Tania Brand-Kreigler – Office Manger Exeo Capital

I have been working with Jill over the last 3 years in her capacity as HR Lead to our Company. She has always been professional, deadline driven and demonstrated her knowledge on HR practices both locally and International. Her problem solving capabilities and easy going personality endear her to colleagues and makes working with her a pleasure and privilege.


Cindy Rix – Nia dancer

I joined Nia as it was something I could attend with my daughter – as age does not matter and it suited us both

I found that although there were huge benefits from the Nia class and I am not taking anything away from that fact, but Jill was the ray of sunshine in the class – a smile that lights up a room – and she has a 6th sense to know things not even discussed – Jill you have a healing energy like no other
And no-one is happier than me that you are putting it to good use in everything you do

I am blessed to know you.